Social Responsibility

We being a team takes many social responsibilities. We like to mention a few.

  1. Being honest: our main social responsibility is being honest with our clients, no matter what, we always fulfill this social responsibility and always advise our clients best course of action and always provide them with fair and professional advice.

  2. Being up to mark: we always update ourselves up to mark for all developments and technologies happening in field of web development, so we always provide our clients with best technical advice.

  3. Green Hosting: not only we always use green hosting but also recommend our clients to use green hosting. Green hosting is that hosting company who use either solar energy or wind energy to power their servers. So we support being green.

  4. Paperless practices: we always discourage use of paper, now since 2010 we are fully converted to paperless operations. Now not a single sheet of paper used in our all office locations, we converted our all operations to digital and paperless.

  5. Let’s Make Earth Greener: by not using servers that run on carbon fuel electricity and by not using papers, we make earth more greener, the less paper we as humans spend less trees will cut down, and greener earth will be. We are working on making our offices wood less, so we consume less wood and less trees cut down. This is our social message for all.