Meet Our Team

  • We are NOT your typical IT NERDS that you see on your cable TV or Hollywood movies. We are just regular people and come in all normal and regular shapes and sizes, we wear latest fashions, we are trendy, extremely confident and having good moral values. So most of girls like us...We are from different nationalities but glued and integrated as ONE.

  • We speak and prove ourselves not by fancy choice of words, but we speak and prove ourselves through our WORK AND QUALITY.

  • Our co-founders are not ancient history, they still breathe live among us and work with us and guide us.

  • We all are university degree holders, we only hire from reputed universities and our potential candidates for hiring are highly motivated, extremely talented as always trained by our co-founders, once they finish their training they fit into rest of team structure like missing piece of puzzle. So new members when part of our team think same, behave same, and work same. No please don’t even think that we are talking about artificially created intelligent robotics to do work, they are real humans and having personalities of their own.

  • Last thing about this introduction is that we always learn new technologies and always keep yourself with latest trends and development in our industry.

  • Let’s have a peep to our some lead team members.


Senior Sales & Project Manager


Senior Project Director


Sales & Project Director


Lead Project Manager


Lead Senior Developer


Lead Senior Designer


Senior Marketing Director


Lead Graphic Designer


Lead Print Media Expert

Web Programming Is Very Serious Job But We Do Fun

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