Our Work Process


Our Exceptional custom design starts by understanding your requirements. We ask questions so as to understand your goals, target audience, theme of website etc. we also cover project parameters and layout each and every thing in paper and discuss it internally with design and development team so we get excellent outcome.

We will define the design problems and cultivate strategies to solve them effectively and memorably. We produce wireframes that map. The User Experience in order to address and quash any problems that could disrupt development.


After planning a design and its technicalities we start engaging part of our minds that involves that involves creativity and we call it “Mental Work Space“ . We do utilize some parts of our brains that has Vast Neural Networking and these Neural Network is basics of all CREATIVITY & Imagination.

Based on available data our brains are auto tuned to create an awesome design, then our design team create a first wireframe and that’s not it, our lead designing supervisor review it and ask design team to do changing, we then show to our clients and let our clients to also use their imaginative and creative part of brain, and we highly regard feedback of our clients and craft the design so it becomes acceptable to our clients creative and imaginative neural network but also passed our technical requirements. So we are specialized in moving to one page with our clients.

This phase is a collaborative process that will involve your input in order to agree on a final design for your website.


Once the design is “signed off “with consent of client. Now it’s time to put into production phases. We convert it into highest and latest standards of W3C standards and compliance. What is W3C, its global watch dog for all WEB and it creates standards and we always follow it. So we do produce according to INDUSTRY HIGHEST STANDARDS.

We always do parallel processing of design and development. At same time our design team is engaged in developing design, our programming team create database and start working and developing CODE.

In programming phase we use our LEFT BRAINS that responsible for logics, analysis and objectivity. We use both RIGHT AND LEFT part of our BRAINS.

We provide very unique opportunity to our clients to see and test completed modules, so once all done, and approved by client we go into BETA TESTING PHASE. In this phase we rigorously test all features and bug control and make it ironclad before calling it a DAY.




OKAY HERE WE GO 10, 9, 8, 1 ZERO


Like we make your website live on WWW and every one see it. It’s really an exciting day for us and also for our clients.

Just to a small note we have 100% track record of successful site launching. Once launched we will be available on hand to troubleshoot any queries you may have with regards to your site and its performance.


If you think our relationship are over once site is launched. If by any chance you think so it’s not reality, our relationship will continue and we always excited to provide after sales support, create new modules if you need, help your website to grow and seen by more target audience.

We have number of services that you can avail. Like Google analytical reports, optimizing of website for better ranking on Google we prefer that you site show on first page of Google. So you can be seen by more people and more people land on your website and resulted in more business.

We always provide long term work relationship and commitment.