Custom Database Websites

In simple words custom database website is where all of database is designed and developed to serve specialized requirements like adding a specialized part number or users can add their stuff, we are going to celebrate nearly a decade of serving our 80% of customers with custom database design and code. Prudent clients always prefer custom database websites as it enhances user experience and sales.

Custom database websites are can be fairly simple to highly complex, we usually make custom built websites for large and medium enterprises.
Few examples of custom database websites are

  • Any type of business or non-business website.

  • Mid-sized to large sized companies’ database.

  • Online accounting system database.

  • Online management system for employees.

  • Online inventory management.

  • Customer relationship management.

  • Hospitals online clients’ database.

  • Schools and college database online.

  • Private practice database websites.

  • Doctor’s online booking websites.

  • Medical related websites database.

  • Lawyers online database websites.

  • Real-estate database websites.

  • Construction companies database.

  • Musician and artist online database

  • Religious online websites.

  • Social networking websites.

  • Online dating profile database.

  • Matrimonial websites.

Complex Database Websites

We can define complex database programming is a regular looking website from user point of view but internally it has very complex database and have millions of records, who will decide that will you need a complex database programming, well its simple if you need website for accounting, social networking, advance educational websites, online web store that sells thousands of products Or complex website portals, examples are universities websites, college websites, hospital websites, websites for private clinics, website for medium and large organizations having offices at different locations so its easy for them to manage all from one place.
Here are some major examples of complex database programming

  • Dynamic Web sites

  • Inventory Management

  • Order Processing and Billing Systems

  • Product Catalogs

  • Ecommerce

  • Employee Portals

  • Employment Listings

  • Distributor Portals

  • Online Appointments/Scheduling

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  • Sales Tracking

  • News Events & Press Releases

  • Search Services

  • Polls/Surveys

  • Message Boards

  • Content Management Solutions

  • Password-Protected Intranets

  • Document Management Systems

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